Anand CIS is a premier supplier of Industrial Lubricants, Automotive Lubricants and Industrial Oils.

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wonderful performance
Anand CIS India has come up with lubricants having natural raw material that are environment friendly, health friendly, low toxic and biodegradable providing wonderful performance.
Products range
The products are available for metal working fluids, greases, automotive lubricants, general lubricants, transmission fluids, compressor oils, anti-rust oils etc.
Welcome To Cis
Anand CIS. A company that has been serving the Indian industry for over 25 years by supplying high quality speciality chemicals and industrial lubricants.
Oleo Lubricants Featured Products
  • Next Generation Machine Oil

  • Economical Consumption 1/3

    Mineral Lubricants

  • Human Friendly

    No Harm to Body

    No Noise Polution

  • Earth Friendly
General Purpose Machinery Oils
Specially formulated with additives to improve adhesiveness and film strength characteristics
Hydraulic OILS
Fire resistant working at high temperature in foundries, die-casting, aluminium smelters, ovens, and furnaces
Anti Rust Preparations
Lub – 902 is a new generation antirust preparation which gives absolutely transparent thin lubricating type of film

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